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Services Offered

I try to meet each client where she/he/they are at and establish a comfortable and productive therapeutic relationship.  I am so pleased when clients reach out for help that I want to do what I can to set them at ease.

Free 20-min Intro

Choosing a counsellor

and committing to a first session is a big step. 

Still feeling unsure? 

If you would like to

ask a few questions

or talk for a bit to consider

if it feels comfortable,

go to the "Contact Me" page, 

send me an email, 

and we can arrange a time to speak on the phone

to see if it feels like a fit.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are typically booked for a

50-minute duration. 
Sessions can be made available online or in person. 
The first session involves an intake process that is meant to orient you to the counselling process and our office,

after which we commence

the process of working on the

things that brought

you to counselling.

Couples or Family Sessions

Sometimes people prefer

to attend counselling

with a partner or other

family member(s) to

work on things. 

I am also happy to see

couples or other groupings

of people who wish

to work through challenges

in session together.

Services: Services
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